Premium Plus Account

Premium Plus Account

This is a first class savings account offering the most attractive and competitive interest rate in the market designed to improve your savings.The account offers premium benefits to customers.


  • Minimum opening balance** Kshs.50,000/=.
  • A minimum operating balance of Kshs.50,000/=.
  • Minimum amount to be locked Kshs. 300,000/= and above.
  • No maintenance/ledger fees.
  • Negotiable tax free interest rate within approved minimum deposit threshold.
  • Tax free interest credited twice a year except for locked funds which shall be credited on maturity of the contract.
  • Unlimited access to unlocked funds; no maximum amount required to withdrawal.
  • Access to funds at any Postbank, Kenswitch & Visa enabled ATMs countrywide.
  • Qualification for Postbank Jijenge Loans after 6 months of operation
  • (Terms & Conditions apply).


  • Minimum opening balance Kshs.50,000/=.
  • Original and copy of national ID or passport.

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