Waridi (Ladies) Account

Waridi Account is a Women ONLY account designed exclusively to cater for Ladies financial needs. Caters for Ladies aged 18 years & above. Open to both individuals and Women Chamas or informal table banking groups that constitute of mostly Women but not legally registered and are willing to open and operate as either individuals or joint account holders.

Waridi Account Features

  • Can be opened and operated either by an individual or as a joint account
  • Subscription to mobile & internet banking services is done at no extra cost once the account is validated
  • Depositing platforms/channels include:
    • Free service over the counter at any Postbank branch or Mashinani agent
    • Mobile banking through M-pesa Paybill option; Postbank Business No. 200999
    • Real Time Gross Settlement
    • Standing Order instructions
    • Selected money transfer services such as RIA and Western Union
    • Selected deposit taking Postbank ATMs
  • Withdrawing platforms/channels include:
    • Over the Counter at any Postbank branch or Mashinani agent
    • Mobile banking using Postbank Patacash service
    • Any Visa branded ATM
    • Bulk funds transfer – Electronic Funds Transfer option
    • Standing Order instructions

Waridi Account Benefits

  • Affordable; low account opening amount compared to other accounts
  • Preferential account operating balance
  • Discounted withdrawal fees over the counter, Visa/Kenswitch ATM locations and mobile banking transactions for Safaricom Subscribers
  • Competitive tax-free interest is payable annually on accumulated account balances of Kshs.10,000 or above
  • Unlimited transactions for both deposits & withdrawals.
  • Instant issuance of Visa debit card linked to a self-auto generated PIN
  • Convenience in accessing funds; at liberty to choose from a variety of service points available 24/7
  • Paying for goods and services using your ATM card at any visa merchant location is easy and at no extra cost
  • No monthly maintenance/ledger fee charged
  • Account reactivation is free

Account Opening Requirements

  • Original & copy of valid identification document; National ID/Passport/Service Card/Alien Certificate
  • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Duly filled account opening & debit card application forms (SB11A & ATM1)
  • Account opening amount – Kshs.100/-
  • Debit card fee amount Kshs.600 charged from account balance.