Internet Banking

This service is available to individuals, groups, companies and businesses that have accounts with Postbank. To register, you are requested to visit any Postbank branch.

Benefits of Internet Banking include:

  • Allows you to check account balances
  • Carry out funds transfer to other Postbank Accounts
  • Transfers to Mobile Network Operator (MNO) wallets
  • Pay bills
  • Purchase Airtime
  • Funds transfer to other banks via Pesa-Link (KITS) platform (Once rollout by Kenya Banks Association (KBA).
  • And many more services


  • Copy of valid passport and National Identity Card.
  • A letter of referral from the Customer’s Bank Manager (the letter must contain the Bank Manager’s email address which will be used for customer verification).
  • Address confirmation document i. utility bill (telephone/water/electricity) or lease agreement. The utility bill dates must not be less than 3 months old
  • Scan completed forms in PDF format and send them to ibanking@postbaco.ke

*You will then receive Internet Banking password using the email address provided.

Registration for Internet Banking - Diaspora Customers

  • Download and complete registration forms, Ibanking application for
  • Select your ten character internet alphanumeric user name. The first six characters shall be selected for by the customer while the last four will be the account number.

Registration for Internet Banking - Local Customers

For local customers, visit any Postbank branch and register for the service.

Then Complete Internet Banking registration forms.

A password will be sent to your email after successful registration

NOTE: All information relayed between the Customer and the Bank is encrypted (made unreadable).